Monday, April 30, 2012

Winter Holiday in London - Part Two

I haven't been hiding....just not in a blogging mood (Goodness, I think I've said this before!).  I guess I've been busy and preoccupied ... and not very chatty.  But I do want to share. Suddenly today, even though I have a million other little things on my To Do List, I'm back!  

After Copenhagen, I went to London on New Years Day and spent 3 days wandering .... alone.  Something I haven't done in years.  My goal was to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum and British Museum ... to spend two full days without distraction (from a 6 year old or hubby, no offense guys!) and really take in all the ancient jewelry for inspiration and knowledge.  And I did it!  

Day one... 
I arrived in the afternoon and decided to brave the weather.  I walked around the Tower of London, across Tower bridge through the rain, ran into the nearest pub for hot soup and cold brew, then caught the tube to Parliament and on to Westminster Abbey.  When I came out of the Tube at Parliament, the sky was deep blue and everything was warmly lit... the sight was breathtaking!  And there were still Christmas trees glowing with tiny white lights everywhere.  Unfortunately everything was closed but I got lucky.... a free organ concert was about to begin at Westminster Abbey!  After a short wait (at a nearby pub) I entered the Abbey.  As I walked through the doors, I looked up... guess who centered directly above the doors and was looking down at me???  Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.... our own American hero!  I smiled.  The concert was lovely but as I only had three hours of sleep the night before (after New Year's Eve in Copenhagen), I almost fell asleep.  After the concert, I headed back to my hotel for a much needed slumber.

tower bridge


westminster abbey 

entrance to westminster abbey

dr. martin luther king jr. 

Cold and rainy?  Who cares!!!! London is spectacular!

To be continued....