Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mandala Meditation

I often draw mandala designs as a type of meditation. This design, as well as the design in "Winter Whimsy", had been in my sketchbook for years until after only one PMC (Precious Metal Clay) class, I knew I had found a purpose for my designs and meditations. I redrew my sketches in black and white and sent them to a rubber stamp company. I now use the rubber stamps, as well as the rubber stamp matrix (the mold that the rubber is poured into) which I requested, to transfer my designs into the clay. If you are interested in this technique, check out this website:

The turquoise green patina on this piece was a happy accident while I was experimenting with Liver of Sulfer solution which is used to create an antique look on silver.

This pendant is also available at Pure Life and Home in Ventura, California..... a fabulous new shop on Main Street opened by my dear friend Jayme. Check it out!

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