Monday, June 14, 2010

Maui Magic

I've been fantasizing about going to a tropical destination this summer but alas, I am believe I'm Ojai bound.  I can't complain BUT there is nothing like the beautiful trade winds blowing through your hair while watching the sunset on the western shores of Maui....or the north shore of Hanalei.  I am patient though.  I can wait.  I know I will return. 

My first visit to Hawaii was on the way home to California from our two years in Anchorage when I was 6 years old.  I still remember it....the smells of plumeria, the exciting fire dancing at the luau, the warm humid mornings savouring pineapple and gagging over papaya (my sister said they tasted like bandaides!) Second trip was my highschool graduation gift..... whooping it up in Lahaina and Waikiki with my fake ID.  Third trip was during college years to Maui with my parents as I recovered from surgery.  And then the patient wait....almost 20 years later... with my own family kids and all to Hanalei. Heaven on earth is was and is and so worth the wait.  

I've had a few more quick trips since but am itching to get back to Maui.  My aunt Cheri lived there for years (she hosted me and my friend on my graduation trip) and is still inspired by the landscape to paint it's beauty.   She now has a shop on Etsy too! (If I could only get my mom and grandma on Etsy too we would have a monopoly!)

Cheri's Art on Etsy..... check it out!

Since I'm not getting to Maui anytime soon, I'll keep playing my Hawaiian music (I would share a tune if I could figure out how to do it!) and enjoying my auntie's art.  Keep on painting Cheri!

And, I still need to find that straw hat....

The Seven Principles of Huna (ancient secret knowledge)

IKE -The world is what you think it is
KALA -There are no limits, everything is possible
MAKIA -Energy flows where attention goes
MANAWA -Now is the moment of power
ALOHA -To love is to be happy with
MANA -All power comes from within
PONO -Effectiveness is the measure of truth


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love Maui and need to get back. my hubby and I were married time we will have our daughter with us. Right now she is 4 and does not eat a good variety of food. That means eating out is a nightmare. Once that changes and she can swim, off we go. Off to check out your etsy.

Cobalt Violet said...
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Cobalt Violet said...

Great post! Cheri's art looks great. I love the bamboo!

I still think papaya tastes like bandaids!
I'll stick with mangos. :)

Ruthie Redden said...

Wonderful memories & a trip to look forward to. Your aunt's art work is stunning, so vibrant, the bamboo is my fave too.

Beatnheart said...

Hi Penny, Talent runs in your family! Your Auntie is a very good painter, I love the bamboo. I play a “Kala” brand fact both my ukes are Kala’s.. I’ve been to Maui once. It felt like I died and went to Heaven. I like the seven principles...they make a lot of sense...again, like the book “ the secret”...same deal eh? life is what you think it is...If only I could always remember that....Aloha!

Rachel and David said...

I wouldn't mind a trip to Maui either.. and neither would dad or elizabeth or ben.................