Monday, March 14, 2011

Peony Roses

Peony roses. 

Yes, there is such a thing!  
They are my new favorite flower...well, almost.  
Peonies are still my favorite but they are impossible to purchase or grow in Southern California. 
It's possible that peony roses are also impossible to grow here too but no worries because I can order them from my dear friend Liza who owns a flower company (  
I first saw these roses at mutual friends house who received them as a gift for Valentine's Day from her husband via Fifty Flowers.  I freaked out!  
When Liza and I decided to host and decorate a table at our kids school fundraiser this year, I said I would love to use the peony roses.  
By the way, darlings, the official name is "Peony Rose Yves Piaget" fancy.
AND, they are incredibly aromatic and smell like heaven above!
 Well, Liza ordered TONS....and gave me two dozen to take home.  Woohooo!!!
Thank you my dear!

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."  
~Emma Goldman


melissa n. said...

I love them too Penny. My Mom has raised them since I was an infant .. I grew up celebrating spring with my favorite smell and colors .. the pink and the deep burgandy. My mother lovingly sends me a whole bunch each year .. she over nights them and they make my condo smell good for over a week. So happy to know another fine lover of the peony!!

PK Studios said...

You're so lucky Melissa...and what a sweet mommy you have! Glad to know we are flower sisters : )

Beatnheart said...

heavenly!! I too love peonies and I am so sad we cannot grow them here. In Wisconsin, they grow like wild and are especially beautiful on old farms. How I love everything about them. These are so beautiful Penny...perhaps I need to treat myself. You have some amazing friends.

Cobalt Violet said...

Gorgeous post! I am cracking up because Mom gave me a few and I took pictures ... the table looks beautiful!!!!

corine said...

Ojai is one of my favorite place on Earth. Lucky lady.