Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Green Black Friday

I had to share some images of our lovely day after Turkey Day....

Don't get me wrong, Thanksgiving Day was fabulous too but I don't think you are interested in seeing photos of our 5 hour drive and then pigging out at my brother and sister-in-laws house where we devoured two turkeys (one roasted and one smoked)!

My hubby, six year old and I drove from Paradise (yes, this is a REAL town in Northern California) north to Sterling City to help Grandma and Grandpa pick out at Christmas tree then we took off in search of a fishing hole.  We ended up four wheeling down a steep canyon on a dirt road (with NO name) pitted with puddles from the previous day's rain which always gives me a headache for fear of being stuck in the middle of NOWHERE.  But we made it down to the bottom, crossed a bridge and hiked to a secluded spot  on the Feather River.  The air was chilly but the sun came out and the weather turned glorious.  The boys fished for trout and I fished for heart shaped rocks.   Unfortunately no fish were to be had but I hit the jackpot... I found five little lovely valentines (though I can't take credit for the tiny black one which my son found)!

Half way through our afternoon as I watched my son totter over the tippy rocks along the river following his adventurous father to find better fishing spots, PRAYING that he didn't fall in, I had him give me his fluffy coat in case my fear came to pass.  Sure enough, about two minutes before we were to pack up, he lost his balance and fell..... TOTALLY drenched from head to toe in freezing cold water.  I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.  I decided to laugh.  I'm not sure whether I'm psychic or paranoid but I thanked GOODNESS for the warm dry coat ... and my little guys courage.  He just smiled and shivered.  Sorry .... I don't have a photo of that one : )

"Live simply that others may simply live."
~ Elizabeth Ann Seton ~


Michele Hancock said...

Penny, I enjoyed reading this so very much! Your pictures are beautiful and you're making priceless memories! Merry Christmas!

Carmen Soto Bertran said...