Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Holiday in Copenhagen and London - Part One

I really had the travel bug last year and was able to fulfill my longing by being invited to Copenhagen to be in my friend's wedding right after Christmas before the new year.  The end of December wouldn't be my first choice for a trip to Europe but I'm not complaining!

I stayed with some friends at the wonderful Admiral Hotel, right on the water in the old part of Copenhagen between Nyhavn (old colorful harbor) and Amalienborg( the royal residence) and across from the fabulous modern Opera House. The hotel was renovated from an old 18th century warehouse with restaurants designed by Conran. In addition to the beautiful wedding and festivities (of which I have no photos!), my Danish friend Filippa who I hadn't seen in twenty five years met me one morning and took me around town to many beautiful spots including the oldest tea shop in Europe called A.C. Perch's Tea Shop and the oldest confectionary shop, La Glace, for little cakes and tea.  Another friend of mine from high school who now lives in London came for a visit and took us to dinner at the oldest Danish restaurant in town with character and charm galore called Det Lille Apotek where Hans Christian Anderson used to go.   Copenhagen is really a fun mix quaint and contemporary with charming antique buildings and vintage shops mixed right in with super modern new architecture and hip boutiques. I look forward to coming back one day when the trees are green and the flowers are in bloom!

Admiral Hotel by day

Royal Opera House

Groovy apartments on the water

View of Nyhavn from wedded couples loft!


Admiral Hotel at night

Europe's oldest amusement park...inspiration for Disneyland

Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid ... more than 100 years old!

My trip was lovely though I must admit I am very happy to be home.  Since I hadn't been away alone without either my husband or son in over 6 years, I was really looking forward to a little ME time.  Well, what I learned about myself was that I was able to fulfill my ME need in about two days.  Almost nine days away was a little too much....I missed my guys!


Cobalt Violet said...

Yay! So glad you posted these photos! How beautiful- love the colors of the buildings- and the little mermaid!

Beatnheart said...

Hey Penny!
Welcome home...a little away time in a place like that can’t be to shabby. I ended up leaving a comment on your sisters blog (Cobalt) how funny ...She said “oh you know my sister.....what a talented family you are...Anyhow , back in our “warm” weather...glad to see you back safe and sound...Cynthia

PK Studios said...

THanks Lulu and Cynthia!
Cynthia...I'm so glad you found my sister's's great! Will post more on my trip soon...stay tuned!
Hugs, Penny

Ruthie Redden said...

OOOh Penny I am envious, that is a place I would love to visit! I adore the quaint buildings & delicious colours. And how precious to meet up with old friends! A long lost friend come to stay a couple of weeks ago, I have known her for 28yrs, but not seen her for 10, we talked so much i nearly lost my voice lol. Not sure if u saw my reply to ur question re: originals on my post. I do sometimes, mostly on my website. Never sure how blogging & messaging & replying works sorry to repeat myself. ;-) Ruthie x