Thursday, June 24, 2010

Room with a View......NOT!

When we moved in to our house five years ago, I used the back bedroom with a view of the majestic oak trees for my office.  I was pregnant so..... eventually I had to give the room up to the wee babe and move  to the garage.  This was before I made metal clay jewelry.  I had been an interior designer for about 15 years but soon after the wee babe arrived I found it impossible to work full time.  And it's difficult to do interior design part-time.... as most houses are not built on three day a week schedules.  I've been slowly easing out of my first profession and into my new profession the last two years.  

My center bookcase is now jewelry supplies instead of tile and fabric samples..... but I still have yet to dump the rest of my design resources (right bookcase).  I want to.... but..... it's a little scary.  It's a slow start beginning a new business. What if I need to go back?  Will I need to go back?  I don't think I want to go back.  Hmmm. I'll ponder this another time.... But, I will keep my painting supplies just in case I realize my dream of being a painter some day (left bookcase)

Looking ahead.... I feel positive.  I love what I'm doing.  I like my work space...even though I share it with the laundry (behind the hemp curtain).... and I have no window...and it's freezing in the winter....and boiling hot in the summer.  But it's a nice space for fall and spring and early summer : )
I think I just need a throw rug and a window.... and some fabric and velcro to cover up my shelves.  Oh, to see out to the back.....over my desk to our newly landscaped side yard and beyond.  This window dream has been on my mind some time now.... like five years!  

Now I'm laughing because as I looked for an interesting quote to end my post on my studio, I came upon this little piece of wisdom.......

 ~ Annie Dillard ~

......I still want my window.


Beatnheart said...

A window would transform your space. It is beautiful Penny and oh so tidy!!! Launch into your jewelry making as your new career and leave your past behind...I am sure that whatever you peruse will be a success.

PK Studios said...

I agree, a window will be a huge improvement. I'm manifesting it now : ) Thank you for the boost of confidence...I think getting rid of my interior resources would be a paradigm shift! (Because I'm a Virgo of course I tidied up for the shoot....don't let the cleanliness fool you!)

My Castle in Spain said...

No window...but i envy your tidiness!!
perhaps you could manage to do an opening for a small window ?

Cobalt Violet said...

It helps you are a virgo. These pictures make it look more spacious but it's amazing considering it's the back of the garage.

You need the window.

Beatnheart said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for the fine comment and welcome visit...I have been working and reworking my blog..I can see by yours that you have a overlap on your right sidebar (book picture is creeping onto your main post)
Did you find the device that you can slide to make your main post smaller or sidebar smaller??? I think that is what you need here...ohhh don’t I sound oh so computer savvy now....what a difference from Feb.!! xx caw

Bungalow 36 said...

You have a great space and great vision for your new space that will come before you know it!

Bungalow 36 said...

You have a great space and an amazing vision for your new space. It will be here before you know it!