Monday, January 11, 2010

Beads Glorious Beads

Before my passion for PMC began, I had (and STILL have) a passion for beads. While browsing the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand over 20 years ago, I discovered incredible antique and vintage silver and semi-precious beads that I purchased and coveted in little boxes on my dresser. Not until 12 years later, after purchasing more beads (some supposedly over 1000 years old!) on a back side street in Peshawar, Pakistan, did I realized I really wanted to create something to wear out of my unusual finds. (This was the same trip I found the antique bronze jewelry dies too!) When I returned home, I went into our local bead store (The Peruvian Bead Company) and asked for help. Thus began a new hobby..... beading!

Since then, I have created beaded necklaces for friends, family and an occassional wedding commission. But once I took my first PMC class and knew I had found my calling, I started imagining all sorts of new creations with beads and PMC silver pendants etc. Consequently I headed straight for the next local gem show ( and lost my mind....spending 10 times more money than I came with. Now, I'm drowning in beads!

Now, the famous Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show is calling my name. Maybe next year......

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Anonymous said...

i want to bead this summer