Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happiness is Handmade

Instead of dwelling on the negative happenings of the week... ie: ramming the back of my new car into the side of my old car and denting both (sorry Elizabeth!), my leaking roof and broken dishwasher.....I am finding much happiness in small things.

Maybe I'm confusing a small joy with an obsession but I'm really enjoying getting my new Etsy business off the ground. But, nobody warned me about marketing fever! I didn't know artists could catch it. I can't stop myself from browsing every website I can find with helpful hints for successful sales. It's a fun challenge!

Here are some great ones:

And last but not least, amoung all my browsing and googling... I have found so many incredible artists and crafters. Some are amoung the names in my newly updated blogroll..... check them out! If you notice the color theme, I am thinking about creating an Etsy Treasury.....


Anonymous said...

oh no!! :( how did it happen? dont worry im too bummed, its just ads more character

PK Studios said...

Your dad was distracting me from the roof!....That's my excuse : ) We'll fix it, not to worry.