Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's my line?

a PK original hand formed pendant

Now that my jewelry die collection is up an running, I'm thinking about my own personal designs.... I have shown a couple on this site but I haven't put any up on Etsy yet. And do I put them in their own line? A new collection? I am thinking...... something to do with Ojai? But, some are made with stamps or stamp matrixs from my drawings and etchings and others (see above) are formed completely by hand. Maybe two new collections? Hmmmm.


Ruthie Redden said...

Hello, i have just wandered over from your sisters blog to take a peep at what you do, i love the designs. I have always been fascinated by pattern. It would be lovely to see your own designs in your shop too.

Merisi said...

Beautiful jewelry!
I came here thanks to your sister,
good luck,

PK Studios said...

Stop by Etsy soon as I'll be adding more designs soon. Thank you for coming on over for a visit! Isn't my sister blog great? : )