Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Metal Clay Paisley

Paisley is a town in central Scotland but is also a motif that originated in India, or possibly Persia.  There are many different theories about what the "twisted teardrop" represents.  Some scholars think the shape is just a stylized floral pattern and others believe the paisley represents the mango fruit.  Some say it represents the cypress tree which is a symbol of life in Zoroastrianism.  Whatever the case, it is a popular motif throughout the world and has been for many centuries.

I'm not sure when I first saw a paisley but I think my mother made me a blouse in 70's, when I was in fourth grade, made of a gauzy cotton printed with paisleys.  Then sometime in college (25 years ago!), I began vintage store shopping...hunting and gathering.  I bought two old threadworn paisley shawl pieces that I coveted and still own.  I never made them into anything, afraid they would disintegrate.    

Now, I have a durable antique paisley in the form of a bronze jewelry die.  I just listed the first one I made on Etsy.  

Other lovely paisleys.....


Beatnheart said...

Hi Penny, Boy do I love that new piece. Really different from the rest of your stuff.. Great photos as well...love those blue shoes!! and the mend...Beautiful. Hope all is well and your enjoying our most excellent weather...Talk soon, Cynthia

Beatnheart said...

Hey Penny, Wine tasting up North...oh yeah, I’m there for that...What fun! If you ever do come down South give me a shout ...we’ll meet for lunch or whatever...Wertz Bros. is a great store, but expensive! Our rents and commission is high, so we have to price stuff accordingly...so, not too many bargains. You’d have to go to the Flea Market for that...Have a wonderful week Penny and talk soon..Cynthia