Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Arbolada Rainbow - Majenta

Did you know that Magenta technically isn't a color??? That may be so, but I saw a lot of it on my Monday stroll.

And why do little girls just love this color so? Dr. Hurlbert believes this predisposition to pink was ingrained in our genes back in the Stone Age when men were hunters and women gathered berries and fruit! I have a different idea. My favorite color is turquoise but while I was pregnant, I was drawn to everything pink. I couldn't get enough of it! Then, I remembered that pregnant women supposedly have pink auras. Is it no wonder then that we think of pink as the color of love and compassion? And don't little girls love playing with baby dolls too? Sorry Doctor, I vote for love.


Cobalt Violet said...

If it's not a color, then what is it?
Regardless, I love it! Pink, magenta, fuchsia ... Maybe it's love AND berries!

PK Studios said...

Click on the word Magenta....It will take you to a very interesting article on the color!