Friday, March 5, 2010

Arbolada Rainbow - Orange

As a kid, I hated the color orange. I suppose it's because in the seventies, one only saw orange with yellow and brown (like my grandmothers sofa!). It's so much more fun with aqua, turquoise green and chartreuse. Now, I can't get enough of it! (You may have noticed lately that my logo changed from black to orange) ....Maybe that is because orange, the color of the second chakra, represents creativity and manifestation!

Orange things I love:
Fresh squeezed orange juice. Marigolds. Satsuma tangerines. Monarch butterflies. Huge orange dragonflies. Pumpkins. California poppies. Autumn leaves of "liquidambar" (sweet gum) trees. Campfire embers. Amber. Calendula. Carnelian.

Just as a reminder, all of these "rainbow" photos were taken in my neighborhood on Monday in about an hour on my daily doggie walk ....

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Cobalt Violet said...

These are so beautiful!
I love poppies ... hard to look at a California poppy and not smile. Happy with petals.

When the weather gets nice we should take Ben to Descanso Gardens! (near Pasadena)