Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sacred Talisman

Taking a little break today in the rainbow.....

I drew this design many years ago and made this pendant for myself a few months back.  I  wear it almost everyday.  To me, it feels and looks like a spiritual talisman from some unknown ancient culture.  Someone once asked me if the design was symbolic for something.  Well, all my "mandalas" are drawn as a sort of meditation.  I don't usually think about the meaning.... the meaning usually comes later.  This is how I interpret the design.   The octogon, which is the shape of the baqua in I-Ching, is a good luck symbol in China.  Eight is also a significant number in many other cultures.  In Islam, there are eight paradises, there are eight petals in the lotus flower (lotus represents rebirth in Buddhism) and eight is an auspicious number in numerology.  There are also eight chakras.  The design also contains a central point surrounded by a circle (a circumpunct) which is an ancient symbol of God or "our place within God".  There are also twelve small circles.... the number twelve is symbolic for the cosmos. And, there are four small squares.... the number four and the shape are symbols for the earth.  So, I just call this pendant my "sacred talisman".... my good luck charm. And I do feel very lucky! This week I made another (the one in the photo) for Etsy.  We'll see if it brings good luck to someone else!

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