Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Arbolada Rainbow - Sage



I just got home from my fabulous yin yoga class with my lovely glowing teacher, Lisa Luckenbach.  This morning I walked into class and the air was filled with the scent of burning sage.  I find the smell so relaxing and comforting for some reason.  In Ojai, there are several different species of sage (Salvia is the botanical name) that grow wild in our hills. White sage is the type that can be picked for bundling and smudging (once it's dry) and is used for physical and spiritual healing by helping release negative energy.

There were no wild sage plants to photograph on my neighborhood walk but many plants that share the beautiful color with sage..... blue fescue, cabbage, succulents, silvery olive trees, giant agaves.  Along with the scent of this plant, I find the color soothing as well.... I even chose it for my bedroom draperies and pillows!

Last but not least, the word sage comes from the latin word "salvus" which means "healthy".... and it sounds pretty close to the word "salvation" as well!  So it makes sense that the physical and spiritual healing of sage ...... and a good night's sleep..... bring health and salvation!


Cobalt Violet said...

LOVE the last photo ... so velvety!
Thanks for all the interesting info. ... and loving the new Gandhara jewelry collection!

PK Studios said...

Gracias! BTW,love the pussy willow easter basket idea!