Monday, April 12, 2010

Full sink... Out of Sync....

I ignored the large stack of dishes slowly piling up in the kitchen sink from last night and this morning, didn't make the bed or fold the laundry today.  My poor houseplants... if they had vocal cords they would be weeping from lack of moisture.  This is not typical of my Virgo nature. Where did my mojo go?  I tried to find some  inspiration from our lovely weekend... to no avail.  The sky was mostly dark as the rain managed to keep falling throughout the day.   I did check emails and manage to "string" a few necklaces... and photograph only one....the one with the birds and flowers looking like they are celebrating the return of the sun AFTER the spring rains. 

I need sunshine.  I like rain but I love sunshine.  Did I just say I need sunshine?  Found a little in the bouquet I bought yesterday. 

Thank goodness Yin Yoga resumes tomorrow.  I want my sync back and my sink empty.


Cobalt Violet said...

Take heart. Your sink is not my sink. Just imagine. ;)
Love that necklace!!! That flower photo is glorious PK!

Rachel and David said...

you know, I will be happy to water your plants & wash the dishes ect. for a little $$$..... I ran out of face wash :)