Sunday, April 11, 2010

I left my heart......

in the Japanese Garden in San Francisco.  In fact, I leave my heart in all Japanese gardens... Portland, Pasadena (Huntington Gardens).... I love the architecture, color, composition... They are just so calming and zen and lovely.

 Don't get me wrong, I am a lover of wild abandoned nature too but something about Japanese gardens calls to me.  Maybe it's a past life thing. Who knows!

While I took the photo above, notice who also has a camera and took the following photos!

We (hubby, son and I) had a great weekend wandering Golden Gate Park on Thursday and then toodling around the marina before the BIG GAME on Friday..... the Giants opening (home) game.  And they won!  I'm  not a huge sports fan but attending a baseball game is fun.... especially in the gorgeous new AT&T Ball Park on the bay.  Though I've been a true blue Dodger Fan since I was a kid,  I do root for the Giants to please my hubby... as long as they are not playing the Dodgers.  We had a fun dinner with a great view at Alioto's after the game to celebrate their big win then breakfast at the historic Cliff House yesterday morning before the LONG drive home.  A nice end to a fun "weekend".


Cobalt Violet said...

I think you need to do a little Japanese area in your yard at some point ... a meditation spot.

Bungalow 36 said...

How how I love San Francisco. As an art Student I used go and sit in Golden Gate Park and paint and draw. My favorite place to paint was the Botanical gardens. I just love it there one day I will be back and living up day.