Friday, April 30, 2010

Treasury of Mandalas

I finally created my very first Etsy Treasury today!  Unfortunately I couldn't quite figure out how to take a photo of my screen to show you all the lovely black and white mandalas I found within Etsy.  If you click on "Etsy Treasury" the first sentence, you will get there.  I included one of my Cosmic Mandala Necklace too.  Here's a sneak peak....


I haven't been posting...or posting about my jewelry...... lately because I've been busy creating!   LOTS of new stuff will be appearing on my blog and Etsy soon.  


mind∞manifesting said...

Thank you for featuring my mandala on your blog :)
I look forward to seeing your new jewelry creations on Etsy!

Beatnheart said...

Never saw an Etsy treasury before...I'll have to look into that.. Your blog is looking better and better every day Penny!