Friday, March 19, 2010

Fine Silver Springtime Dream

I just finished this new metal clay Gandhara Collection necklace last night and  I posted on Etsy this morning.  I call it Springtime Dream... a little corny I know.   I usually get excited to list something new to sell but I'm having a difficult time because I do not want to part with it!  It's so spring-y and I'm in such a spring-y mood.... 

I found the beads on EBay. They look like colored glass but they're real stone.  I have never used  rainbow fluorite but now I think it may be added to my favorite stone list.  This stone reminds me a bit of tourmaline as it can go from pale pink to green but rainbow fluorite also has purples, aquas and lime-y greens and pale blues.... just amazing.  The colors are even reminiscent of beach glass.... and Easter!

According to Krystal Love,  rainbow fluorite "brings order to chaos, and elevates intuition and mental achievement. It also provides for the purification, cleansing and elimination of disorder, both physical and mental. Various colours have particular effects: blue- orderly thoughts, calm, clear communication; green- cleanses chakras, eliminates negativity from a room; purple- rationality, psychic and spiritual growth. Fluorite aids in dissipating colds, flu, staph infections, herpes and ulcers, and to protect against contagion. Blue- eye, ear and throat infections; green- stomach and intestinal disorders; purple- bone and bone-marrow disorders."

Check out the following groovy rainbow fluorite items...

carved rainblow fluorite bowl from gem-dragon

egg from ebay

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Beatnheart said...

I guess we should wear some rainbow fluorite while we're in those Volvo's. Thank you for the laugh! yes, it's harder to take when you are at fault..two volvo's. ouch!!
I too have an interest in the healing properties of stones. Rainbow Fluorite is a particular fav of mine also..Did you find a good ebay source?? Ever go to one of the big bead shows..Paradise and a good way to get rid of some extra cash!! Here's to many sales for you...bless, Cynthia