Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Vernal Equinox

About two months ago, we were told that our gorgeous giant live oak on our side yard was very sick and must be taken out.  We were heartbroken but better the tree gone than our heads (the tree could have fallen into our master bedroom).  Once the deed was done and the rains came, we were left with a huge gaping muddy hole and very unattractive side yard.  So, I got to work sketching out a landscape plan with all my favorite drought tolerant plants and realized I better consult an expert for final approval.  In comes Cathleen Lynch of The Essential Garden in Ojai to the rescue.  

Cathleen has an enthusiasm for plants that is contagious.  She guided me towards a few more suitable and interesting plants that I had never heard of, massaged my plan a bit and drew up a beautiful revision. She even purchased the plants and helped me place them. Thank you Cathleen!  

After some additional grading, new drainage pipes,  fence, gravel (thank you Abel at Mar Gardening) and butterfly chairs along with the olive trees, new plantings and uplights (thank you Chris the electrician!) we finished just in time for the first day of Spring!



It will take a few years to fill in properly but it's all about the process, right?  When I went to pay Cathleen, she said she wanted to see my jewelry first.  And low and behold, she wanted to do a trade for her design time.... I am so flattered!  Here is the necklace she picked.....

metal clay pendant 
from antique Afghan bronze die 
with amazonite (?) drop strung with
faceted peridot and Thai silver beads 


Cobalt Violet said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I am jealous. I love this piece. It's just so beautiful and unique, like you!

Beatnheart said...

A wonderful trade Penny..She picked a gorgeous piece and I know Landscape design is you both did well.. I was having trouble with my post today so I was ever so happy to see your comment..I had to do alot of tweaking..Yes I love France and Europe in general ..Husband is English..

My Castle in Spain said...

Very nice improvement and your necklace is beautiful ! she's lucky..
ps : i'll do my award post this wednesday...just wanted to let you know that i didn't forget !